"I'm starting a group to protest Prime Network's plan to take Lights and Sirens off the air after 16 seaons.  Who wants to join me?" - Ivy Pelham, NY
"Thanks to Lights and Sirens, our twelve year old daughter was able to give CPR to her grandfather when he had a heart attack.   He kept him alive until the paramedics arrived."  - Doris Wellstone, Peoria, Illinois

"My wife went into diabetic insulin shock when she was alone with our four year old son. Fortunately, little Davey had learned all about how to call 911 from watching Lights and Sirens, and he saved his mother's life. "  -  Rod Bower, Santa Monica, CA

"An electrical short caused a fire in the middle of the night, and our whole family was trapped on the second floor of our house.  Thanks to tips learned on Lights and Sirens,  we all knew what to do until the firemen could rescue us." - Scott and Amy McGee, Charleston, South Carolina
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This is a fictional site, "Lights and Sirens" is a fictional show, and Oscar, Emmy, and People's Choice are used fictionally.